The SKS Group’s success story began with its first company known as SKS Coachbuilders Sdn. Bhd. established back in 1995 with its core business focused in the development, manufacture and sale of commercial vehicle and passenger buses and coaches, and is currently Malaysia’s largest bus  and coach manufacturer with its products and services supporting some of the most distinguished coach providers servicing the Malaysian public and also around the Asian region.

Today, SKSBUS consisting of a consortium of business made out of SKS Holdings Sdn Bhd, SKS Coachbuilders Sdn Bhd and SKS Perusahaan Sara Sdn Bhd all strive and set to take the commercial passenger carrier to the next level with its line-up of new coaches models set to deliver the utmost comfort and making travelling more safe and pleasant. Over the years, the company’s growth has been propelled by its forward-thinking business strategies characterized by commitment to quality, advancement in technological expertise, fast time-to-market efficiency and customized service.

At present, the SKS Group employs a total of approximately 500 employees nationwide and has generated more than 800 buses in the year of 2011. SKSBUS, which views “the unconventional bus company” as the customer’s path to market advantage, is able to deliver the most technologically advanced passenger bus and coaches series available by working in partnership with its valued customers both locally and overseas.
Also joining the Group, SKSRND Assigned and contracted to undertake all research and development projects for all SKSBUS new and innovative chassis, coach bodies,  vehicles parts and components and also the platform models design and development of both combustion engine vehicles (CEV) and electric vehicles (EV) with 100% localized parts within the next 5 years


Our Vision

The clear vision of SKS Group is carved with the following mission statement:

“To provide a safe and pleasant coach to all coach operators at competitive pricing with the ultimate aim of achieving total customers’ satisfaction without compromising on safety.”

Based on this objective, the SKS Group of companies began with SKS Coachbuilders Sdn Bhd, founded in the year 1995 with its main operations centre located in Pulau Meranti, Selangor Darul Ehsan to design, manufacture and produce passenger bus coaches assembly lines, build new bus bodies, provide technical repairs and refurbishment of lorries vans and buses. Today, Sksbus has grown to become the top passenger bus coaches manufacturing company producing comprehensive coach bodies design, research & development, and manufacturing high quality commercial passenger coaches for various Private sector, Government’s ministries, Government linked companies and also to regional bus operators and logistics companies. With over 40 years experience since its inception, the Sksbus has become a leader in supply and construction of commercial passenger buses in Malaysia supplying 65% of buses in the country since 2004 and has expanded into a regional manufacturer of commercial passenger bus bodies series. Since its founding, Sksbus has been recording remarkable and consistent growth in sales turnover and revenue.

Today, Sksbus own a highly advanced manufacturing automation production lines with precision engineering and ultra modern safety testing equipment to conduct stringent tests onto its end products before going onto the roads and we intend to push the envelope of bus design in the coming future.