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Sksbus started of with a single factory built back at 1999(Facility 2). From small capacity coachbuilder to a large scale bus manufacturer, we have seen numerous expansion through this 12 years up till 2011. We have since expand a to a total of 4 Facility

Facility 1: 7 acres

SKSR&D Facility, Raw material preparation, Stage 1 manufacturing bays.

Facility 2: 6 acres

SKSBUS Head Quarters Building, Stage 2 manufacturing bays, Paint preparation section.

Facility 3: 4 acres

Desa Milenia Office, Stage 3 Assembly Bays, Testlane facility, Powerline division, Chassis Storage Area

Facility 4: 4 acres

Painting Bays, Paint Lab Stage 3 Assembly Bays, PDI division.


With our current expansion, you can be rest assured that you can count on us to be your one stop center for bus needs.



The bus and coach industry in Malaysia started back in the days where hand-made buses were essential due to their low volume nature, at 2002 we released our first in-house model e98 and sales went up north to the point where fully handmade buses were not simply enough to cope with the demand. 2006 saw our first CAD team and followed with the our first 3 axis CNC milling machine. Today our Fleet has grown to the following

CNC Machines

1 x 3 Axis CNC Machine (metal working) , 1 x 5 Axis CNC Machine (wood working)

Robotic Arm

8 x 3m Welding Robot (Kuka) with power source ( Fronius), 3 x 1.5m Welding Robot (Kuka) with power source (OTC), 2 x Plasma Cutting Robot (Kuka) with power source (Kjellberg).

Sheet Working

3m Press Brake with Easyform (LVD), Turret machine with wheel forming capabilities (LVD), Laser Cutting Machine (LVD)

Steel Working

4 x Steel Hollow / Tube Saw (water cooled), 3 x CNC Hollow / Pipe Bender with rolling capabilities.

CAD related

3D optical scanner (GOM Atos 2e), Rapid Prototyping Machine (Dimension)


Sksbus invests millions each year to enhance newer techonology to improve manufacturing techniques and to better the quality of buses built by us.

There will be much to look our for in the near years to come, as we continue to grom our technical division, we welcome you to benefit from such advancement available to you today